Success in products liability litigation requires experience and diligence, since most product manufacturers will vigorously defend claims against them, and they have virtually limitless resources with which to fight. Winning such cases depends on aggressive representation. Though all cases are different in some respect, the following are some basic procedures that normally are encountered in each case.

At Psetas,Moore and Tetlow, P.A., our first priority is to secure the product in question and to make sure that all evidence is preserved. This is absolutely vital in cases where a particular unit of a product is at issue (unlike drug defect cases). In cases involving a motor vehicle (rollover, blown tire, fuel tank explosion, etc.), it is important to secure the wreckage, even if it must be purchased. Once a product is lost it is gone forever, and reconstruction of the cause of an accident becomes vastly more difficult. Realize also that a manufacturer will seek to obtain the product involved before you do in the event it knows the circumstances of an accident, which underscores the need to act promptly. After obtaining the product at issue, it is equally important to store it in a safe place where it cannot be altered or damaged.